1. Parents must supervise their children at ALL times.

  2. Guardians/Parents are allowed to enter the play structure are asked not to go on any elevated platforms. No person over 7 or over 70 lbs are permitted on the elevated platforms due safety rating concerns unless it is an emergency.

  3. Socks are required at all times by both children and parents.

  4. Fighting or bullying of any kind is not permitted in the Jungle.

  5. No food or beverages are permitted in the play area. Food and beverages can be consumed in the party room or at the counter.

  6. Read all posted signs to ensure the safest experience at the Jungle.

  7. For the safety of everyone at the Jungle, if someone is not obeying the posted rules, we reserve the right to ask you to leave Kiddie Jungle.

  8. All guests entering Kiddie Jungle must sign a waiver prior to playing.